The Bazaar is the hub of shops for Tales of Ostlea. There are four shops: the Menagerie, the Farmer's Market, the Apothecary and the Market Place.

Items bought from the Farmer's Market and Apothecary sell for the same amount they're purchased for.

Description Edit

Near the center of town you stumble upon a large crossroads, no matter which direction you look you see the streets flooded various shops and stalls selling wares of all kinds.

Shops Edit

Menagerie Edit

The Menagerie is the on-site shop to buy exclusive eggs. Every season a new Seasonal creature is released to the Menagerie, and Crystals can be spent here to buy Donation creatures.

Farmer's Market Edit

The Farmer's Market is the shop to buy Food, which can be used to give clicks to creatures.

Apothecary Edit

The Apothecary sells potions to change creatures into alternate forms, items to influence or change a creature's gender, and various other items which have an effect on creatures in some way.

Market Place Edit

The Market Place is where players can buy and sell creatures to other players.

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