Boogie Boos are a holiday creature released on the 31st of October, as part of the Halloween 2015 event. They were the reward for completing the quest 'An Egg-cellent Ostlean Halloween Adventure'.

In the years after their initial release, Boogie Boos could be bought from the Menagerie for 1Crystal each during the Halloween season.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This egg seems really light and feels... odd.

Hatchling Edit

A cute little bag monster has hatched from the egg! You're not sure if the bag itself is the creature, or if there's something inside the bag which is the real creature...

Mature Hatchling Edit

A cute little bag monster has hatched from the egg! You're not sure if the bag itself is the creature, or if there's something inside the bag which is the real creature... The little monster has grown larger and the snake has started to move on its own. You're certain the bag isn't alive now, but the spirit within it most certainly is.

Adult Edit

Boogie boos are trickster spirits which inhabit snakes and burlap bags- at the same time. They absolutely love harassing birds, which makes them popular pets among farmers wishing to use them as scarecrows. Their powers are strongest around the time of the Halloween festivities, so Ostleans must be on high alert to avoid falling victim to a Boogie Boo's tricks. They sometimes have trouble telling the difference between playful pranks and outright bullying, however, leading some to label them as malevolent seasonal pests.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon female
Boogie boo egg
Boogie boo s1
Boogie boo s2 female
Boogie boo female
Icon male
Boogie boo s2 male
Boogie boo male
Mochiccino's Oddity
Icon female
Boogie boo toxic egg
Boogie boo toxic s1
Boogie boo toxic s2 female
Boogie boo toxic female
Icon male
Boogie boo toxic s2 male
Boogie boo toxic male
Rhynn's Oddity
Icon female
Boogie boo shadow egg
Boogie boo shadow s1
Boogie boo shadow s2 female
Boogie boo shadow female
Icon male
Boogie boo shadow s2 male
Boogie boo shadow male

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Type
Boogie boo egg
Boogie boo egg1
Boogie boo egg2
Boogie boo egg3
Boogie boo egg4
Boogie boo toxic egg
Boogie boo toxic egg1
Boogie boo toxic egg2
Boogie boo toxic egg3
Boogie boo toxic egg4
Toxic (Mochiccino's Oddity)
Boogie boo shadow egg
Boogie boo shadow egg1
Boogie boo shadow egg2
Boogie boo shadow egg3
Boogie boo shadow egg4
Shadow (Rhynn's Oddity)

Trivia Edit

According to Mochiccino, the Boogie Boos were inspired by the creature Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas, a childhood favourite of hers. The pose was taken from her very fat cat Milo.

Mochiccino's Oddity colours are also based on Oogie Boogie, as he is a green colour when he first gets Santa Claus.

Originally the tail was just going to be smoke, but this was changed last-minute in the sketching stage. The smoke was kept as the tongue and eyes, instead.

Credits Edit

Links Edit

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