The Enchanted Sock is an item which can be purchased from the Apothecary.

Description Edit

Feed this enchanted sock to your Plushies anytime after it hatches to randomly change it into one of its elemental forms. *NOTE: Only works on Non-Magical plushies*

Effect Edit

The Enchanted Sock can be used on Enchanted Plushies. Doing so will turn the creature into one of its alternate forms. Once changed, the Plushie cannot change back to its normal (Non-Magical) form. Only one sock can be used per plushie, so it is not possible to use a lot of socks on one plushie to get the desired element.

Trivia Edit

On the inventory page, the Sock is listed as a Transformation item, a trait it shares with the Ryukoi Pearl. However, since its effect is identical to that of potions, it can be considered a potion.

Credits Edit

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