Gemeater Bats are bats found in the Mystic Caverns. They were part of the opening day release. There are various colours available with varying rarities, and two colours which are only available through the Menagerie in the Bazaar for 1000Silver per egg.

A Zenith stage was added during the First Birthday event.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This small egg seems to glitter when light hits it.

Hatchling Edit

A white bat has hatched from the egg. The patterns in its wings remind you of a gemstone.

Mature Hatchling Edit

A white bat has hatched from the egg. The patterns in its wings remind you of a gemstone. The bat has grown bigger now. Now it flies around and nibbles on rocks it finds.

Adult Edit

Gemeater Bats are named so because of the changes in color they undergo after consuming certain gems. Their teeth are made of a special, hard magical substance, which allows them to bite into a gem, and slowly drain the color from it, which also causes their own change in color over time. Once the gem is completely drained of what the bat needs, it moves on to find other gems to feed upon. It is common for Gemeater Bats to change hues throughout their lives.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Zenith Type
Icon genders
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat amethyst s1
Gemeater bat amethyst s2
Gemeater bat amethyst adult
Gemeater bat zenith
Gemeater bat aquamarine s1
Gemeater bat aquamarine s2
Gemeater bat aquamarine adult
Gemeater bat citrine s1
Gemeater bat citrine s2
Gemeater bat citrine adult
Gemeater bat hematite s1
Gemeater bat hematite s2
Gemeater bat hematite adult
Gemeater bat malachite s1
Gemeater bat malachite s2
Gemeater bat malachite adult
Gemeater bat rhodonite s1
Gemeater bat rhodonite s2
Gemeater bat rhodonite adult
Gemeater bat ruby s1
Gemeater bat ruby s2
Gemeater bat ruby adult
Gemeater bat sapphire s1
Gemeater bat sapphire s2
Gemeater bat sapphire adult
Gemeater bat sardonyx s1
Gemeater bat sardonyx s2
Gemeater bat sardonyx adult
Gemeater bat smoky quartz s1
Gemeater bat smoky quartz s2
Gemeater bat smoky quartz adult
Smoky quartz

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Gemeater bat egg
Gemeater bat egg1
Gemeater bat egg2
Gemeater bat egg3
Gemeater bat egg4

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