Hellaios are a holiday creature released on the 29th of October 2015, as part of the Halloween 2015 event. 

In the years after their initial release, Hellaios could be bought from the Menagerie for 1Crystal each during the Halloween season.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This dark egg smells faintly of cloves.

Hatchling Edit

The spindly-legged creature that hatched from the egg is a bit frightening to look at, but is surprisingly fond of cuddling with you and the other hatchlings.  Everywhere it goes, the pleasant scent of cloves fills the air.

Mature Hatchling Edit

The spindly-legged creature that hatched from the egg is a bit frightening to look at, but is surprisingly fond of cuddling with you and the other hatchlings. Everywhere it goes, the pleasant scent of cloves fills the air. It's grown significantly larger, and a bit scarier in appearance, but is still just as friendly.  You sometimes worry it's not getting enough to eat, for no matter how many acorns, roots, and pilfered baked goods it scarfs down, it just keeps getting more and more gaunt!

Adult Edit

Hellaios are fearsome beasts, indeed... at least in appearance!  The bony plates that jut out from their skin are used to intimidate predators and defend against attackers, but Hellaios are far more likely to flee, their slender legs endowing them with impressive speed.  Herbivorous in nature, Hellaios use their frightful tusks to scrape the bark from trees and dig up roots, which, in combination with the other herbs they consume, gives them their signature, sweet-smelling breath.  In fact, Hellaios's breath, described as smelling like a combination of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, is even the inspiration for a variety of fall foods.  Large herds of Hellaios are most often seen in the autumn, when acorns and a variety of root vegetables are in season, and local Ostleans often throw festivals in their wake, allowing them to enjoy the scent of their perfumed breath and share dishes like the ever-popular Hellaios-Breath Pie.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon female
Hellaios egg
Hellaios s1
Hellaios s2 female
Hellaios female
Icon male
Hellaios s2 male
Hellaios male
Amphyrre's Oddity
Icon female
Hellaios egg
Hellaios mistsong s1
Hellaios mistsong s2 female
Hellaios mistsong female
Icon male
Hellaios mistsong s2 male
Hellaios mistsong male
Spatio's Oddity
Icon female
Hellaios egg
Hellaios black s1
Hellaios black s2 female
Hellaios black female
Icon male
Hellaios black s2 male
Hellaios black male

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 4
Hellaios egg
Hellaios egg1
Hellaios egg2
Hellaios egg3
Hellaios egg4

Credits Edit

Links Edit

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