JinxVIII is a section moderator for the Role Play on the Tales of Ostlea forum. She prefers to be called Val or Valid. [Shortened form of ValidEmotions.]

General Background Edit

Valid is of mixed descent - Mexican, Filipino, German, English, and who-knows-what-else. Just under 5 feet tall, she is a petite creature with glasses. She is a senior at a University in the United States, studying for a Bachelor's of Science in Physics and minoring in Accounting. Her future career goal is to become a forensic scientist, either specializing in ballistics or accounting. Born on the West Coast in '94, she has moved frequently throughout her life, even moving into another state.

Relationships Edit

Currently, Valid still lives with her parents (biological mother and step father) and younger sister while attending college. She is in a committed relationship with her high school sweetheart, soon approaching 6 years. Be warned, she might occasionally talk about him and will almost always refer to him as her SO (significant other).

Friendships are weird for her; she more feels that her friends are those she talks to on the computer as she doesn't truly socialize with her peers in real life.

Personality, Quirks, and Ticks Edit

Valid is rather emotionally sensitive, meaning that she more easily responds emotionally to any given situation. (i.e. growing upset about something seemingly small.) Sometimes, this can be confused with overreacting. This sensitivity also includes her general ability on picking up the emotions of others. However, she often worries that she might simply be projecting her insecurities onto others or actually overreacting. This tends to leader her to an invalidation of her own emotions.

Social interaction is difficult as she possesses an ingrained fear of people, strangers and friends alike. Born from a history of bullying, harassment, and childhood abuse, Val is very uncomfortable with herself and being around other people - especially large groups of strangers when by herself. This has developed a strange sense of trust for her; she wants to trust easily but is ready to pull back the moment the perceived danger turns real.

She does not like confrontation and often has a hard time standing up for herself. Gradually, she has been working to improve how often and how well she holds her ground. It's difficult for Val to lean on someone as she does not enjoy the idea of being a burden, which she certainly feels like she is.

As uncertain as she feels about things, she's passionate. Readily, she clings to anything she feels is right and will stubbornly defend it. She's protective of her friends and family and isn't afraid to get loud when protecting them. These are the people who she has decided to be the closest with, the people she confides a lot to. This group is small and she will do anything to keep them.

Currently, she is trying to break an old habit of biting her nails; a nervous tick she developed years ago when she becomes stressed. When uncomfortable, she most often begins scratching. Sometimes, when having a really bad day and feeling not-at-all-great, she will scratch at the back of her neck to tear away skin. She has been working on keeping such impulses at bay.

Not usually an impulsive person, Valid worries about a lot of things and prefers to think things through, plan out a course of action. She's compulsive about keeping track of the time as she is terrible about losing it otherwise. She prefers a neat/organized area to work with but is prone to small bits of clutter in the corners of her bedroom. This tends to give her a bit more of a serious personality but she's been working on pulling her nose out of a book and being part of the world, one step at a time.

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Valid loves to read, write, and draw. Soccer, tennis, and baseball are her favorite sports.

She's practically obsessed with dragons.

Animals hold a very soft spot in her heart.

Val has great appreciation for works of art and the planet's natural beauty.

She does not like football very much but does support the San Francisco 49ers do to being born and raised in California.

She does not tolerate racism, sexism, and any other form of discrimination.

She dislikes the colors pink and yellow.

Fun Facts Edit

Favorite flower: tulip

2nd and 3rd degree burns cover most of the right side of her body

Valid played the flute from 3rd grade to 9th grade

She has 5 dogs (2 Shiba Inus, 1 Chow, 1 Blue-nosed Pit bull, 1 Unknown breed of Mutt)

She has 3 cats (all long-haired; 1 Black, 1 White/Black, 1 Grey Tabby)

She has a half-brother who lives with her biological father

Val has been RPing and writing stories since 2009

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