The Menagerie is part of the Bazaar. It is the on-site shop to buy exclusive eggs. Every season a new Seasonal creature is released to the Menagerie, and Crystals can be spent here to buy Donation creatures.

Description Edit

Mysterious eggs you've never seen before are for sale in this shop.

Stock Edit

Name Image Description Price Notes
Interstellar Dragon
Interstellar dragon egg
Brilliant stripes decorate this otherwise dark egg. 1Crystal
Nightmare egg
This egg is black as night and radiates heat. 1Crystal
White Forest Draught
Forest draught white egg
This egg is heavy and very warm. 1Crystal
Nyskra egg
This shimmering egg is as cold as ice. 1Crystal
Valierawolf egg
Holding this mysterious egg makes you feel fierce 1Crystal
Ephalump egg
This small egg shifts its weight a lot, as though it's filled with water. 1Crystal
Temporal Chryax
Temporal chryax egg
You seem to lose a sense of time around this egg. 1Crystal
Iniglla Wyvern
Iniglla wyvern egg
A delicate vine is wrapped around this seemingly rotten egg. 1Crystal
Candycane Plushie
Candycane plushie egg
This egg feels like cotton and smells faintly of mint. 700Silver December seasonal
Cuddle Plushie
Cuddle plushie egg
This egg feels like cotton and makes you feel warm and cuddly.  700Silver February seasonal
Pastel Plushie
Plushie pastel egg
This egg feels like soft cotton and is brightly colored. 700Silver Easter month seasonal
Possessed Dracodoll
Possessed dracodoll egg
This egg feels like cotton but, for some reason it sends chills down your spine. 700Silver October seasonal
Teruteru egg
This lightweight egg is adorned with a small ribbon. 700Silver Halloween 2015
Aquamarine Gemeater Bat
Gemeater bat egg
This small egg seems to glitter when light hits it. 1000Silver
Rhodonite Gemeater Bat
Gemeater bat egg
This small egg seems to glitter when light hits it. 1000Silver
Enchanted Plushie
Enchanted plushie egg
This egg feels like warm cotton. 1000Silver Non-Magical unless fed a Sock
Apology Raptor
Microraptor egg
This egg is a bit cold. 1000Silver
Black Velvet Rat
Rat black velvet egg
A tiny, black egg. It feels very soft. 1000Silver
Galaxy Dog
Galaxy dog egg
This egg looks dusty. 1000Silver
Mayura Enigma
Mayura enigma egg
There is something hauntingly beautiful about this cold, frigid egg. This item is only available during the winter. 2000Silver Winter seasonal
Storm Herald
Storm herald egg
This enormous, scaly egg has a faintly floral aroma. This item is only available during the spring. 2000Silver Spring seasonal
Solsynth Dragon
Solsynth dragon egg
This prickly egg turns a vivid green when you hold it out in the sunlight. This item is only available during the summer. 2000Silver Summer seasonal
Wendigo egg
This egg is pale, cold, and a little bit slimy. Ew. This item is only available during the fall. 2000Silver Fall seasonal
Jewelviper egg
This dark green egg has a smooth, soft shell. 3000Silver Jet unless fed a Rainbow Potion

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