The Nursery is the on-site clicking site. Growing creatures are automatically added to it for others to click. Each nursery page shows 30 creatures, which disappear after being clicked. After clicking all the creatures, the page will need to be refreshed in order to show the next batch of creatures.

Creatures which the player has already clicked that day, will not show up in the nursery.

The Nursery is seen as the main method for earning silver.

Description Edit

You come across a field filled with eggs sitting in nests and young creatures playing. A strange presence seems to be protecting them though you cannot see anyone else around. You're sure these creatures are not free for you to take but perhaps you can still give the creatures some care and attention.

Display Edit

By default, the Nursery shows only eggs. It is also possible to click hatchlings in the nursery however, by clicking the link above the eggs.

Hidden lairs Edit

Creatures which have been put in hidden lairs will not show up in the Nursery, and will therefore not grow up unless fed by the owner or posted elsewhere.

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