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Pinecones are special creatures given out to staff and testers at the site's opening. They were gifted as a thank-you for the support given before the opening.

Description Edit

It's an ordinary pinecone and yet you've decided to take it home to keep as a companion. And you wonder why the other townspeople look at you oddly...

Girlcones Edit

On the 2nd of November 2015, Gryffi created the very first Girlcone, a pinecone with a pink bow on it: Philipine. Girlcones have a slightly different description:

It's an ordinary pinecone and yet you've decided to take it home to keep as a companion. Wait! Did you put a bow on it?! And you wonder why the other townspeople look at you oddly...

It was verified by Gryffi that girlcones can also be male. It is not currently known how girlcones can be obtained.

Babycones Edit

On the 3rd of November, 2015, the first ever Babycone was created; a small pinecone. These babycones can seemingly only be bred by existing pinecones and girlcones, though this feature doesn't seem to be available as of yet. Currently the only way to obtain one is to ask Gryffi in the giveaway thread on the forum.

List of Pinecones Edit

Trivia Edit

Because the pinecone creature can breed with every egg group, it is possible to use them to create lineages spanning multiple egg groups. The pinecone is the only creature which can do this.

Sprites Edit

Gender Adult Philip Spike Girlcones Babycones
Icon genders
Pinecone Philip Spike Philipine Babycone

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