Shimmerlings are a small dragon that was released during the Early November 2015 Release, alongside the Nightmare

A Zenith stage was added during the First Birthday event.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This tiny egg seems to vibrate.

Hatchling Edit

It's pink, naked, and keeps eating all your sweets.

Mature Hatchling (male) Edit

Well, it's grown a little larger... you think. You still can't keep it away from anything sweet, but at least now that it's grown some feathers it doesn't look quite so naked! It has also grown what looks like a small blue gem in the center of its chest. The stone sparkles brilliantly when the sunlight hits it; how pretty!

Mature Hatchling (female) Edit

Well, it's grown a little larger... you think. You still can't keep it away from anything sweet, but at least now that it's grown some feathers it doesn't look quite so naked! Little, gold, whisker-like feathers have grown from the plume on its tail, and there appear to be tiny blue gems on their tips. How pretty!

Adult Edit

Shimmerlings, despite their birdlike appearance, are actually a tiny breed of dragon. Growing no larger than the average butterfly, Shimmerlings are often mistaken for their insect counterparts; their shimmering feathers, speedy flight, and nectar-based diet certainly add to the confusion! Due to their small stature and fast metabolisms, these tiny wyverns can only live in tropical environs. As such, Ostleans keeping them as pets must be careful to keep their Shimmerlings inside should it get chilly, and always keep on hand a large supply of sugary snacks! Despite their fragile constitutions, Shimmerlings are a popular pet, delighting people of all ages with their brilliant feathers and playful personalities. Those who raise Shimmerlings get more than just a joyful companion, however. Their golden tendrils and sparkling gems are, in fact, real gold and real stones. Though the individual Shimmerling may only shed its gold feathers and gems a few times during its life, tiny, so-called "Shimmerling Sapphires" are often used in Ostlean jewelry.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Zenith
Icon female
Shimmerling egg
Shimmerling s1
Shimmerling s2 female
Shimmerling female
Shimmerling zenith
Icon male
Shimmerling s2 male
Shimmerling male

Hatching sequence Edit

Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 2 Stage 4
Shimmerling egg
Shimmerling egg1
Shimmerling egg2
Shimmerling egg3
Shimmerling egg4

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