Silver is the main currency of Tales of Ostlea.

Earning Edit

Earning silver is done through various methods. The main method is to click creatures, which is rewarded with 7 to 10 silver per click. Each creature can only be clicked once a day, however. Clicking creatures is done primarily through the Nursery.

The other method is through selling creatures and items. Junk items can be sold for a small amount of silver each. Creatures can be sold through the Market Place for however much the seller sets it for; however, setting the amount too high will make it difficult to actually sell the creature.

Spending Edit

Silver can be spent to purchase creatures, food or Apothecary items. Creatures can be bought in the Menagerie or the Market Place. Food is purchasable in the Farmer's Market. Apothecary items like gender influencing nests, creature potions and gender changing potions are available at the Apothecary.

Credits Edit