Teruterus are a holiday creature released on the 29th October, 2015, as part of the Halloween 2015 event. Eggs of this creature could be purchased from the Menagerie for 700 Silver.

Descriptions Edit

Egg Edit

This lightweight egg is adorned with a small ribbon.

Hatchling Edit

A small... thing hatched from the egg. It looks like it's made of fabric. Is it alive...?

Mature Hatchling Edit

A small... thing hatched from the egg. It looks like it's made of fabric. Is it alive...? The small thing is floating now! It seems to enjoy hovering around sunny spots.

Adult Edit

Teruterus are friendly little spirits that are commonly seen on warm, sunny days, frolicking in the bright light. When it rains, though, they are nowhere to be found. Due to this, Ostleans believe seeing Teruterus around means the weather will be good. Their bodies generally have a clothlike texture to them, but it is unknown if they are truly made of cloth or not. Since their diet consists of small pieces of fabrics and cotton, some Ostleans believe they ingest these things to maintain their possible cloth bodies and keep them from getting worn down and tattered.

Sprites Edit

Gender Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult Type
Icon female
Teruteru egg
Teruteru s1
Teruteru s2
Teruteru female
Icon male
Teruteru male
ZioCorvid's Oddity
Icon female
Teruteru egg
Teruteru terururu s1
Teruteru terururu s2
Teruteru terururu female
Icon male
Teruteru terururu male

Hatching sequence Edit

Egg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Teruteru egg
Teruteru egg1
Teruteru egg2
Teruteru egg3
Teruteru egg4

Trivia Edit

The Teruteru are based on the Teru teru bōzu from Japanese folklore.

Credits Edit

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